Unique. By Nature.

Time x Skill x Nature = magic

The secret of Liefmans craft blends lies in its unique flavor, the result of a fourfold tradition going back centuries: the use of Belgian premium cherries, the masterful blending of young and mature beer, the mixed fermentation in open fermentation tanks and, finally, the lagering in beer cellars.

  • Bottle of Goudenband

    Uniek Bruin Bier


    Liefmans Goudenband is one of the most unique beers in the world. It was originally known as IJzerenband (Iron Band), a reference to the iron bands around the beer barrels. When the name was changed to Liefmans Goudenband, it was also given a champagne cork.
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  • Bottle of Kriek-Brut

    The Perfect Blend


    This luxurious beer represents the perfect marriage between the fresh accents and slightly tart-sweet flavor of cherries. Liefmans Kriek-Brut is a mixed fermentation beer, and every hectoliter contains up to 13 kilograms of fruit.
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  • Bottle of Glühkriek

    Punchy Christmas beer


    This heartwarming beer should be served warm, but never too hot. A punchy cherry beer to instantly warm your heart on cozy winter evenings.
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  • Bottle of Oud Bruin

    A balance of sweet and sour

    Oud Bruin

    Tradition is about progress that succeeds. That's something to think about as you enjoy a glass of Liefmans Oud Bruin.
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To age to perfection

Ever since the very beginning, Liefmans has been produced with a combination of Belgian cherries on the one hand and light, dark and roasted malt on the other. After blended fermentation lasting one week, the beer continues to mature in the cellars of the brewery in Oudenaarde in order to acquire its full expression.


Master Blenders

After maturation, it's over to the master brewer, who carries out the coupage or blends the beer. By mixing young, fresh beer with older, more mature beer, the fermentation is restarted, giving Liefmans its exceptional flavor profile.


Unique fermentation

The Liefmans brewery on the banks of the river Scheldt in Oudenaarde is a monument in the Belgian beer patrimonium. Being so close to the river Scheldt, the microflora which have developed in this region over the centuries are exceptional. This means that there's nowhere else in the world with such perfect air to create unique fruit beers.